Site Management

Our specialists at Vento Energy Support are adept at overseeing all interfaces throughout every construction phase of a wind project.

With their skills and experience, they ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

Construction and Installation Site Management

Handles the planning, coordination, and execution of wind turbine installations. They manage logistics, ensure safety compliance, and oversee quality control.

Responsible for a timely completion, they play a crucial role in the successful implementation of wind energy projects.

Construction and Installation Supervisors

Manages daily operations, enforces safety, coordinates teams, and reports progress for a wind turbine installation project.

Their role is vital in ensuring the project's smooth execution and successful completion

Commissioning Supervisors

Responsible for overseeing and managing the commissioning process during wind power project installation.

They coordinate the testing, inspection, and startup activities to ensure that everything functions according to design specifications, ensuring the smooth and efficient transition from construction to operational phases.

Quality Supervisors

Tasked with overseeing and upholding high standards and quality of on-site components.

They implement quality control procedures, conduct inspections, analyze data to identify improvement opportunities, and collaborate with teams to enhance overall product quality, ensuring customer satisfaction and compliance with quality standards.

HSE Supervisors

Take on the responsibility of overseeing and enforcing safety protocols within a workplace.

HSE Supervisors ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, conduct risk assessments, implement safety training, investigate incidents, and promote a culture of workplace safety to protect employees and the environment.

Stock Keepers

Maintain proper stock controls by performing manual and clerical tasks involved in receiving, preparation and stocking, issuing, handover, physical inventory, disposition, control, and protection of the customers property.

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