We are specialized in providing temporary engineering or technical staff for the wind energy industry.

Whether you are looking for a project-related solution or a solution for peak time periods, we are able to assist you.

Skilled team

We offer skilled professionals within most niches.

We specifically search for and select candidates based on requirements specified by you. In this way we ensure that the most qualified candidates are selected for your project.

The candidates we employ are a part of a unique network that we have established through two decades in the industry. They have all completed substantial training to understand all aspects of technology and safety requirements.

Documented experience

We offer end-to-end solutions such as complete site or project management – all depending on your needs and demands.

We are not limited by location or culture. In fact, we have documented experience from 4 different continents. We offer our services for both onshore and offshore projects.

We take an honor in providing the best solutions and results for the projects for our clients. We are focused on having a close and honest dialog about the projects and the outcome.

Blade Service

Keeping blades in good condition is vital for a turbine to generate its designed power. Even relatively small amounts of leading-edge erosion can affect the aerodynamic profile of the blade, leading to a performance drop of 3-4 percent and consequent loss of revenue. If erosion of leading edges is left unrepaired, moisture may be able to penetrate and evolve into even greater damages.

Site Management

Managing a wind power project installation is a complex task that involves coordinating the efforts of construction workers, transportation companies, and suppliers. This intricate process demands meticulous attention to detail, effective time management, and resource coordination. Given the high value and complexity of the components involved, proper installation management is critical.

Service, Operation & Maintenance

Keeping a wind turbine turning is an investment in a sustainable future. To make the investment profitable for as many years as possible, high-quality service, operation and maintenance is needed.

Vento Energy Support offers a wide range of client-designed solutions in both long- and short-term agreements within service, operation and maintenance

Installation Support

Vento Energy Support has comprehensive experience with wind turbine installation both onshore as well as offshore.

We always offer skilled professional candidates, that are trained to understand all aspects of technology and safety requirements during an installing project.

Offshore Services

Vento Offshore brings full service offerings to our customers, contributing to safety and quality in the Offshore Wind Industry.

Supporting the Global tranistion towards a greener future.