Elevating our commitment to meet global standards in the wind industry, Vento Energy Support proudly holds certifications in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001.

Additionally, our compliance extends to the Dutch VCA standard, mirroring ISO 45001 requirements but exclusively used for operations in Holland

ISO 9001

Our quality management system is based on ensuring our customers satisfaction and meeting the requirements of all our interested parties. All processes in our organisation are anchored in increasing the efficiency and value of our services.

Certification of our quality management system is an objective proof to our customers, our partners, our employees, authorities and other stakeholders, that we identify and address all risks and possibilities with the purpose to ensure meeting our customers satisfaction.

ISO 14001

The environmental part of our Management system aims to reduce our impact on the environment and our contribution to climate changes.

Certification of our environmental Management ensures us structure our good environmental practices, encourages recycling and waste management and seeks reduction on consumptions to the benefit of the environment.

ISO 45001

Our employees are our biggest asset, and their health and wellbeing is essential to us, in order to deliver the services and quality we offer.

Our H&S management system aims to prevent all risks and address all opportunities regarding the health and safety of our employees.

Certification of our H&S Management System ensures us continuously improvement and effectiveness to specific operations, procedures and actual working environment


The VCA/SSC certification is equivalent to the ISO45001 certification but is a supplementary requirement for work performed in the Netherlands.