Offshore services

Vento Offshore brings full service offerings to our customers, contributing to safety and quality in the Offshore Wind Industry.

Supporting the Global transition towards a greener future.

Onshore Pre-Assembly

Our onshore pre-assembly support can start already in the planning phase with setting up the work area until final loadout to the installation vessel.

Together with our skilled staff and partners, Vento can support with facilities, equipment and tools, to make and create flexible solutions for the customer. With our skilled and trained technicians, we can support with all work areas from receiving the first components, to loadout of components to the installation vessel and all the quality handover for all pre-assembly scopes.

Offshore Installation

Our installation support offshore consists of all aspects of the installation process, from installation of the components, to do mechanical and electrical completion, to final walkdown and quality handover to the windfarm owner.

The offshore installation support can be executed under the customers directive, or the work scope can be handled fully by Vento to divert risk management from the customer.

Offshore Commissioning

Responsible for overseeing and managing the commissioning process during wind power project installation.

They coordinate the testing, inspection, and startup activities to ensure that everything functions according to design specifications, ensuring the smooth and efficient transition from construction to operational phases.

Offshore Maintenance

Vento Energy Support offers a wide range of client-designed solutions in both long- and short-term agreements within service, operation and maintenance of the turbines to extend the lifetime.

Vento Energy Support takes on the operational responsibility and thereby guarantees efficient operation and maintenance, performed by permanently stationed staff or at regular maintenance visits.

Offshore Blade Inspection and Repair

Our team identifies potential problem areas, perform root-cause analysis, and recommend repairs.

Inspections are performed using visual or advanced non-destructive testing methods. Findings are reported in a concise and useful format, delivered electronically for efficient collaboration across departments.

Focus on blade maintenance and repair is extremely important in ensuring high performance of a wind turbine but also in terms of extending a turbine’s lifetime.

Offshore Major Component Exchange

Vento Energy Support also offers to support your service activities whenever needed, Worldwide, during service- or retrofit campaigns or when your regular staff needs back-up from a technician with a specific competence.

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