At Vento Energy Support, we take pride in our team of dedicated and highly qualified technicians, wind power specialists, and back office supporters.

We prioritize finding the perfect match of skills, experience, and attitude in our recruitment process, ensuring the success of both our employees and the company.

As a technician working at Vento Energy Support means you have a team supporting you in all aspects of daily work. In the back office teams all aspects of mobility and compliance issues are handled together with you.

It is of great importance to us that eventhough work is being performed on distant project sites, you always feel the closeness of your manager and support teams.

Furthermore, we provide a number of employee benefits and rights of work for all employees. These benefits covers both parental leave, healthcare and upfront assistance in compliance matters

Why choose Vento?

“Vento is not just a workplace; it´s where my legal skills contribute to a sustainable future in the wind industry.”
“The reason that most sustains my cooperation with Vento, is the straightforward and honest way in which business is done in this company.”
“Because, even if you are not a perfect candidate, Vento gives you the chance and the support to become a top employee.”